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Medication Dispensing Systems and Service

Med Home Alert’s medication dispensing service is recommended by health care providers to avoid the many hospital and nursing home admissions which occur from patient non-compliance of their medication regimen.




Our Med Ready features include:


  1. 24/7 Operator Assistance: If medication is not taken (or removed from the dispenser tray) our operator will attempt to notify you and/or a care giver in the event of a missed medication.
  2. Visual and Audio Alerts:  Flashing red strobe light catches the eye and a low frequency audible alarm is sounded on schedule (perfect for the hearing impaired).
  3. Enhanced Security:  Med-Ready is lockable- preventing a person from inadvertently overdosing. It’s 28 compartments can be programmed to deliver up to 4-doses a day (holding up to 11 caplets in each compartment).  The system uses a sturdy lock-and-key of a easy-to-break latch and the edges are securely sealed.  With access by key only. Caregivers can load Med ready and monitor patient compliance.
  4. Usable Clock: The extra-large self-illuminating LED readout is easily viewed from any angle and can be seen in any light.
  5. Medication Card Holder: Med ready provides a card holder on the bottom of the unit for a printed copy of all the medications in the dispenser.
  6. Easy-to-Set-Alarms: Setting the alarms is simple… It’s as easy as setting an alarm clock.