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How Your Home Medical Alert System Works

Med Home Alert provides you with state-of-the-art personal emergency monitoring systems that reassure you and your loved ones that help is just minutes away; no matter what the personal medical emergency.


Here’s how the Med Home Alert system works:


Easily call for help
The system is activated by pushing the transmitter button.


Fast response
A Med Home Alert operator instantly receives your alert and retrieves your subscriber information on an automated computer screen including address, medical history and other personal contact information.  The operator speaks to you through the systems powerful speaker phone.


Once the situation is determined, the operator will take appropriate action by calling the people on your contact list, doctor, family members or emergency services.


We’re always with you…
The operator remains on the line with you at all times.  If for any reason the operator is
unable to hear you, emergency services will be contacted immediately and we’ll notify
others on your contact list.


If emergency help is needed rest assured the operator will stay with you
on the call until help arrives.